About Bling Bunny

Hello friends and welcome, 

My name is Melissa,  and I am the founder of BlingBunny. This vision started some fifteen  years with my desire to bring some extra "shine" with me up on the slopes. I never would have imagined that my love for sparkle and shine would have translated into  creating my company and helping me to connecting with so many people from around the world. 

ever order I complete I feel I am helping to share "LIGHT" into the world and that drives me! 

To me, Blingbunny is much more then a ski goggle and apparel company, to me it represents vision people and for a better world. I strive to help highlight your inner sparkle and “SHINE” both on and off the slopes, so your brightest self shines forward.

I believe we all have something rare and beautiful within us that we are here to bring forth, and I want you to shine on the slopes just like you shine inside. Over the years I have gained so much joy by helping others to “SHINE BRIGHTER” that I decided to take my passion worldwide.

My wish for BlingBunny is to build a supportive community that helps others discover what it means to “SHINE ON”; a growing community where we – together – can discover what it is to find our own inner greatness and share our stories of triumph with each other along the way.

Every pair of my goggles is hand-encrusted, and truly is one-of-a-kind, just like my customers. May wearing my BlingBunny goggles or apparel bring some extra sparkle into your life as it has for me. May BlingBunny inspire you to “SHINE ON” and be your best self!


Thank you for you love and support!

I believe YOU are beautiful in every way!

May we all “SHINE ON”! Thank you for your light, blessings, and love.



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